I grew up in Virginia and Arkansas amid frequent Civil War reenactments and candy runs to the Clifton General Store.  After high school I fled to Hollywood to break into the movie business, but after a year of mostly just drinking and writing terrible screenplays I came back home to drink some more and try to be Charles Bukowski.  That didn’t work out so well, either.  I’ve worked as a dishwasher, a video store clerk, a movie theater usher, a standardized test reader and a telephone operator.  I spent five years in college that amounted to bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Religious Studies, a master’s degree in Theology, and a mountain of debt.  Now I write novels and stories.

My first novel is Bleed.  It’s been called “an interesting exploration of human loneliness, desire and guilt” (Austin Post) and “a fun, gory creature novel by a really fresh and original voice” (Anything Horror Central).  I am presently shopping a second novel around and I’ve begun work on a third.